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New COSO ERM Framework (for C-suite)
New COSO ERM Framework (for C-suite)
New COSO ERM Framework
New COSO ERM Framework

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is a growing priority in the region with the requirements for organisations and auditors to monitor and report more formally on internal control. The COSO ERM framework is one of the most widely-recognised and applied frameworks in the world. It provides a principles-based approach to help organisations design and implement enterprise-wide approaches to risk management.

New COSO ERM Framework (for C-suite)

ERM helps organisations manage risk from the strategic level and recognises the important connection between strategy and performance through developing a control-conscious culture and execution of effective risk management.

Implementation of the new COSO ERM Framework will help the board reduce the risks facing the organisation, improve effectiveness and efficiency and support the goal of providing a value for money service to stakeholders.

New COSO ERM Framework (for C-suite)

This course is designed for the current and aspiring C-suite leadership of organisations facing the realities of risk management in their day-to-day activities.

Course structure

This course will cover

  • Understanding ERM
    • The role of ERM in today’s complex environment
    • Introduction to the 2017 COSO ERM framework
    • The importance of ERM in an organisation
  • Key elements of the new framework
    • Emphasise the relationship between risk, strategy and performance
    • Addresses the evolving role of technology
    • Greater emphasis on culture
  • The frameworks’ components and principles
    • Governance and culture
    • Strategy and objective setting
    • Performance
    • Review and revision
    • Information, communication and reporting
  • Understanding why the new COSO ERM framework is good for your organisation
  • Risk strategy, appetite and risk profile
    • The importance of risk in setting strategy and managing performance and rewards
    • Defining and analysing risk appetite
    • Defining risk profile and establishing your corporate risk profile
  • The roadmap for establishing ERM in your organisation
  • Typical issues and challenges

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