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Managing and Motivating People
Managing and Motivating People
Edit Course Managing and Motivating People

This two day course will provide participants with essential skills and knowledge to manage and motivate people for higher performance.

Managing and Motivating People

People are the most valuable assets and the largest investment of most businesses and their performance has a direct impact on the success of a business. It is therefore in an organisation’s best interests to get the most return on this investment by ensuring that its people are happy, productive and engaged. This course is designed to provide a range of approaches and tactics to enable you to improve your people management skills in order to increase the return on investment your staff deliver, whilst creating a culture within which employees are happy and feel the need to contribute to achieving the firm’s goals.

Managing and Motivating People

Draws on theoretical frameworks, best practice and the trainer’s experience, this course offers vital skills for understanding the team, communication, problem solving, delegation, leadership and motivation.

Managing and Motivating People

This course is suitable for those who manage and supervise teams, or about to undertake such responsibilities and want to get the most out of their teams. It will also be beneficial for anyone in a leadership position who works with challenging personalities.

We have three discount options available, however please check with us directly for details as discounts are limited to certain cities.

  • 5% early bird discount for registrations completed one month before session date
  • 10% corporate discount for a minimum of 3 registrations : Contact us directly
  • 15% discount for groups of 4 or more delegates

The discounts cannot be combined.

Course structure

Day 1

  • Motivating yourself
  • How to remain positive
  • Understanding own strengths and weaknesses
  • Effectively dealing with challenges
  • Self-development, constructing a development plan.
  • Responsibilities of an Effective Manager
  • Providing effective direction
  • Behavioural characteristics of a good Manager
  • Leadership Styles
  • Managing the team
  • Developing effective teams
  • Using the team’s strength’s and weaknesses
  • Optimising team performance
  • Situational Leadership
  • Recognising the key stages
  • Understanding where members fit into the model.
  • Developing an effective leadership

Day 2

  • Engaging team members
  • Understanding motivating factors
  • Motivation using different values systems
  • Involvement through empowerment
  • Performance conversations
  • Constructive feedback to improve performance
  • Conflict Management
  • Effective Communication
  • Pre-empting and preventing conflict
  • Giving constructive Feedback
  • Dealing with difficult conversations
  • Coaching, Motivation and Engagement
  • Principles and process of coaching
  • Increasing Motivation and Engagement
  • Coaching individuals for peak performance
  • Delegating guidelines

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