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Internal Audit Diploma
Internal Audit Diploma
Internal Audit Diploma
  • Covers the essential knowledge and skills internal audit professionals should posses to operate in a risk based internal audit function
  • Delivered by internal audit professionals who have hands on and practical internal audit experience in addition to their extensive training experience
  • Prepares internal audit professionals to be effective in what they do giving them the necessary breadth and level of knowledge needed to operate following a risk based internal audit approach
  • Include case study that runs throughout the course, from the beginning to end, to practice and apply the knowledge gained at different stages of the internal audit process
Internal Audit Diploma

PwC Internal Audit Diploma is designed to provide internal audit professionals with the necessary technical knowledge and professional skills that would enable them to conduct their work efficiently and effectively.

Internal Audit Diploma

The programme's duration is 20 days. All sessions will be composed of approximately 70% lecturing and 30% interactive sessions. The programme delivered utilising a mix of multisensory approaches including facilitated sessions, group work, case studies, exercises and practice sessions.

Internal Audit Diploma

The programme contains the building block of the internal audit profession and the essential knowledge and skills needed to perform effectively in a risk based internal audit world. The programme is ideal for junior and senior internal audit professionals. The programme is also suitable for internal audit professionals who wish to apply risk based internal audit.

We have three discount options available, however please check with us directly for details as discounts are limited to certain cities.

  • 5% early bird discount for registrations completed one month before session date
  • 10% corporate discount for a minimum of 3 registrations : Contact us directly
  • 15% discount for groups of 4 or more delegates

The discounts cannot be combined.

Course structure

Programme Kick-off (1 day)

  • Introductions
  • Programme overview and objectives
  • Programme content
  • Team building and group exercise

Code of Ethics (1 day)

  • Principals of Code of Ethics
  • Rules of Conduct

Introduction to Internal Audit (1 day)

  • Background on Internal Audit Profession and the IIA
  • International Professional Practices Framework
  • Position and Governance of Internal Audit Function

COSO Framework and ORCA Principal (1 day)

  • Introduction to COSO
  • Principals and attributes
  • COSO Internal Control and IPPF
  • ORCA principal
  • Internal control assertions and information processing objectives

Internal Audit in Practice (4 days)

  • Planning the risk assessment exercise
  • Aligning Internal Audit work with business strategies and objectives
  • Conducting the risk assessment exercise
  • Compiling and analysing results
  • Building a risk based internal audit plan
  • Internal audit project planning and execution
  • Writing draft and final internal audit reports
  • Performing follow-up procedures
  • Quality assurance in internal audit

Interviewing Skills (2 days)

  • Planning an interview
  • Conducting an audit interview
  • Questioning techniques
  • Documenting the interview

Information Technology General Controls (2 days)

  • Introduction to IT General Controls audit
  • IT Strategy
  • IT Governance
  • IT Security
  • Computer Operations
  • Service Management
  • Consideration of ITGCs during business audit reviews

Fraud Awareness and Role of Internal Auditor in Fraud (2 days)

  • Overview of Fraud
  • Components of fraud prevention system
  • Fraud detection
  • Terminology of fraud indicators
  • Different kinds of fraud

Risk Management (2 days)

  • Assessment Frameworks
  • Alignment of Risk Management and objective setting
  • Risk Management process assessment
  • Risk culture assessment
  • Auditing Risk Management functions

Presentation Skills (2 days)

Presentation in context of audit
Presentation to management

Corporate Governance (2 days)

Corporate Governance fundamentals
Key stakeholders
Mapping the framework of your organisation
Auditing Corporate Governance

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