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Fraud investigation and interviewing skills
Fraud investigation and interviewing skills
Fraud investigation and interviewing skills

The course is delivered by experts with industry experience and helps participants understand how to use a structured approach when investigating fraud, conducting critical interviews and management and reporting of evidence.

Fraud investigation and interviewing skills

Current global economical conditions are exerting more pressures on individuals to seek financial gains through different means legal and sometimes illegal means. Fraud is inherent in any business setting and transaction and accordingly it is imperative companies operate an effective fraud prevention and detection system. This two day training focuses on conducting fraud investigation and investigative interviews in a robust, ethical, and transparent manner; emphasizing and clarifying the steps involved and the benefits of proper planning, process and documentation.

Fraud investigation and interviewing skills

Explaining key fraud concepts, characteristics and conditions, this course enhances the participants’ understanding and enable them to play a role in fraud detection and prevention system of their organisation. The training will also allow participants to work through case studies, conduct mock interviews and recreate the interview experience, as well as to receive valuable input on their performance.

Fraud investigation and interviewing skills

Internal auditors, Risk Management officers, Compliance officers, Fraud investigators, Finance managers, CEO’s and CFO’s should find this training relevant and interesting.

We have three discount options available, however please check with us directly for details as discounts are limited to certain cities.

  • 5% early bird discount for registrations completed one month before session date
  • 10% corporate discount for a minimum of 3 registrations : Contact us directly
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Course structure

In this course, participants will:

Day 1

  • Introduction and refresher
  • Why does fraud occur?
  • Internal fraud -types of fraud
  • key themes
  • Indicators of fraud and key statistics - PwC’s Global Economic Crime Survey
  • The investigation process
  • First steps when you suspect a fraud
  • Planning, Evidence gathering, Investigating and reviewing evidence
  • Documentation and Follow up
  • Gathering and management of evidence
  • Direct evidence and circumstantial evidence
  • Chain of custody
  • Electronic and paper evidence
  • Evidence gathered through interviews
  • Activity/case study
  • Investigation Tools
  • Forensic technology
  • Intelligence
  • Data Analytics
  • Reporting
  • Planning and structuring of the report
  • What makes a good report?
  • Drafting findings
  • Report language and tone
  • How to conclude
  • Practical issues

Day 2

  • The interview process
  • Discuss the interview process cycle
  • HR disciplinary procedures
  • Objectives of an interview (depends on type)
  • Type of interviews (information vs. confrontation)
  • Record keeping considerations
  • Expect the unexpected
  • Confessions -what to do if a subject confesses?
  • Red Herrings and Emotional subjects
  • Interview preparation
  • Why, who, how? (purpose, relevant individuals, format of interview)
  • Logistics and Preparing document bundles
  • Executing the interview
  • Style, Verbal / non-verbal communications
  • Open and closed questions
  • Establishing the facts and Note taking
  • Opening/closing the interview
  • Post interview
  • Follow up questions and the next steps
  • Tips for a successful interview
  • Do's, don'ts and dealing with potential issues during the interview
  • Hints and tips for a successful interview
  • Mock interviews
  • Setting the scene, preparation, conducting the mock interviews and feedback
  • Wrapping up

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