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Data analytics and visualisation using Power BI
Data analytics and visualisation using Power BI
Data analytics and visualisation using Power BI
Digital transformation is set to revolutionise the economic landscape in the Middle East.

A picture is worth 1000 words'. Data analytics is not enough, effectively visualizing the results of the analysis and making those analysis results available real time is as important.
With this in mind, PwC’s Academy, the education and training business of PwC, has designed a suite of fit-for-purpose Power BI course to provide essential knowledge on data analysis and practical skills to utilizing Power BI to create dashboards for the business teams and leaders.

Data analytics and visualisation using Power BI

The main purpose of the workshop is to give the attendees a practical knowledge and good understanding of real-world data analysis with Power BI. The workshop includes data analysis process, visualisations, data sharing, and creating professional and easy to understand dashboards.

Data analytics and visualisation using Power BI

This course is ideal for business professionals who do not have a technical / IT background, irrespective of whether they are at entry level or are experienced professionals, who are looking to understand Data Analytics and start using Power BI in their organisations.

Course structure

Module 1: Introduction to BI

  • Introduces to business intelligence (BI), Self-service BI and data
  • Introduction to business intelligence
  • Introduction to data, information and knowledge
  • Data-driven vs Data-informed
  • Introduction to GIGO
  • The importance of self-service BI (SSBI)
  • Overview of Power BI data analysis process

Module 2: Power BI

  • This module introduces Power BI desktop, and explores the features that enable the rapid creation and publication of sophisticated data visualisations.
  • Power BI architecture
  • Using Excel as a data source
  • Using a folder as a data source
  • The Power BI data model
  • Creating a Power BI report
  • The Power BI service

Module 3: Modeling Data

  • With Power BI desktop you can shape and combine data with powerful, built-in tools. This module introduces the tools that are available for business users to reshape data and make it ready for reporting.
  • Power Query Editor
  • Data transformation and shaping 
  • Power BI desktop or Power Query Editor

Module 4: Interactive Data Visualisations

  • This module describes how to create and manage interactive data visualisations.
  • Creating Power BI reports
  • Categorizing the Power BI visuals
  • Choosing your visuals
  • Managing a Power BI solution

Module 5: DAX 

  • This module describes how business users can use DAX language and be ready to build their own KPI formulas
  • DAX categories
  • Measure, Columns and Tables
  • Quick Measure Tool

Module 6: KPI and metrics

(To be discussed during the design phase)

Module 7: Storytelling

  • This module describes how to identify your audience and how to build an effective storytelling report
  • Who, What and How
  • Measure, Columns and Tables
  • Quick Measures

Module 8: Improve your business decision

  • Reports vs dashboards
  • The Natural Query Language “Q&A”
  • Analytics features
  • Forecasting
  • Insights in Power BI Desktop
  • Data alerts
  • Share and Collaborate

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