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Blockchain is among the most important and most promising emerging technologies of our day. It offers a lot of value for the businesses and individuals who know how to use AI in their operations.
With this in mind, PwC’s Academy, the education and training business of PwC, has designed a suite of fit-for-purpose Introduction to Blockchain course to make professionals understand what AI offers and how their businesses can benefit from it.


In this course, participants will get insights into the theoretical concepts, key properties, components and technological features that underpin blockchain and understand the underlying technology. Learning from real-life cases, participants will explore the current applications of blockchain technology and bring it to life. They will learn the definitions of smart contracts and decentralised applications, the technology underpinning them and the associated risks and challenges in business applications.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand smart contracts and decentralised applications, the technology underpinning them and the associated risks and challenges in business applications.
  • Comprehend business Blockchain and distributed ledger technology
  • Grasp permissioned (private) and non-permissioned (public) Blockchains and their key characteristics
  • Understand use cases of Blockchain technology
  • Realise the challenges and trends associated with Blockchain technology
  • Draft the strategic roadmap for implementation of Blockchain in organisation.

This course is ideal for business professionals who do not have a technical / IT background, irrespective of whether they are at entry level or are experienced professionals, who are looking to understand Blockchain and learn some of the applications of those concepts in their organisations

Course structure

Module 1: Understanding Blockchain and DLT

  • Easy understanding Blockchain with analogy 
  • History and trends of Blockchain
  • Distinguishing 2 sides of coin - permissioned and permissionless Blockchains 
  • Exploring consensus algorithms and its main types
  • Workshop Activity: World with and without Blockchain
  • Blockchain Experience (check the next page)

Module 2: BUZZ Word to a business ready solution

  • Value prepositions of Blockchain
  • Blockchain use cases in O&G
  • Blockchain trailblazers 
  • Workshop Activity: Enlisting use cases of Blockchain in respective functionalities of attendees

Module 3: Tech It Out: Technology fundamentals

How do Smart Contract work?
Challenges for Smart Contracts 
Foundations of cryptography: hashing and asymmetric cryptography
Combining Blockchain with AI, IoT and Big Data for maximising digitisation results 
Workshop Activity: Demo of digital assets exchange operations

Module 4: Strategic Roadmap to Adapt Blockchain

  • Current Status of Blockchain Adoption in governments and public sector
  • Challenges in the adoption/deployment of blockchain
  • Integration with legacy systems 
  • Strategic steps to bring Blockchain from innovation labs to lines of business 
  • Workshop Activity: Preparing strategic plan for adopting Blockchain

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