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Advanced Financial Modelling
Advanced Financial Modelling
Advanced Financial Modelling
Advanced Financial Modelling

This course covers fundamental skills needed to utilise Excel to the best effect and then illustrates these skills in the context of developing best practice financial models. Participants will learn the key tools of Excel which are useful for business analysis and how to construct a reliable financial model encompassing the financial statements, company inputs and market information. The course also considers advanced financial aspects like sensitivity analysis, forecasting financial flows, capex and depreciation

Advanced Financial Modelling

By the end of the course participants will:

  • Use several of the support tools and techniques in spreadsheet programs
  • Utilise sensitivity analysis
  • Build a robust financial model and check it’s integrity
  • Build a financial model to analyse sensitivity.
Advanced Financial Modelling

Business owners, C-level executives and managers, fund managers, portfolio managers, financial advisors, financial and credit controllers.

Course structure

Build robust, effective and tailored financial models based on their needs.

Conduct sensitivity analysis and simulations.

Predict revenues and costs, while assessing potential risks.

Identify and utilise key business drivers and integrate them into their forecast.

Evaluate patterns in their historical data.

Become aware and understand the uncertainty arising from forecasting techniques and models through various risk analysis measures.

Learn the best approaches to make better, more profitable business decisions.

Effectively communicate the results of the models to team members and senior management.

Differentiate themselves on the market as a practically experienced and knowledgeable individual.

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