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Work for a cause!

One of the core values of PwC is ‘Care’. As a firm we are invested in creating an environment of empathy for the employees and those around us.

In the Holy Month of Ramadan, PwC launched the ‘Saahem initiative'. This initiative is undertaken to collect essential foods for those who are less fortunate to make the month of fasting easier for them.

After the great success of the initiative conducted last year where the team managed to pack 113 boxes, this initiative was undertaken again this year with great success and participation from Academy staff and students.

This event was conducted on 24 May and 7 June and was headed by the Vasudev Puri, YES student @ PwC’s Academy. Students and staff members from the Academy spent a few hours collecting the food and preparing the boxes for this noble course.

The team managed to prepare 150 boxes, a great achievement!

We really appreciate the help and support that the students of the Academy demonstrated for this great cause and would like to thank them, the Academy and PwC for this great initiative.

- Mohammaed Fazal

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