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CIM Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Marketing

PwC’s Academy is pleased to offer the Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Marketing, a new qualification introduced by CIM for marketers based outside the UK. The game changing new curriculum gears international marketers to leverage the disruptive market place with digital as a key emerging driver. The entrepreneurial change model focus on managers who create transformational change in a disruptive marketplace. The programme further addresses the growing need for an entrepreneurial approach to business leadership.

The postgraduate diploma is open to all those with either a professional diploma in marketing or an undergraduate degree with relevant marketing content, already working in a marketing role, with senior-level management experience, plus a CIM diploma or a marketing degree or equivalent.

Recent Chartered Institute of Management (CIM) research, conducted in partnership with PwC, revealed that 70% of exporting British businesses expect Brexit to boost overseas sales, identifying the greatest growth prospects in markets outside of Europe, such as China, the United Arab Emirates, India and Hong Kong. Therefore, UK businesses with an international presence, as well as marketers in local businesses across the globe, need to ensure that their skills are up to date to realise the opportunity that Brexit affords international trade.

“We are excited to launch this dynamic new qualification in the region. We hope to see new talent emerge and drive change and innovation”- Failan Saleem, CIM Course Manager at PwC’s Academy.

The course equips marketing leaders overseas with the skills to open up and develop new markets for their products and services.

To learn more about the programme, click here.

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Failan Saleem

Failan has pioneered the launch of the Chartered Institute of Marketing qualifications, designed and delivered training programmes in marketing planning, brand planning, digital, marketing metrics, market leadership planning  and managing corporate reputation and customer service in the  Gulf region.

Prior to joining PwC’s Academy, Failan served as a Director of Marketing/Qualifications for the market leader for the CIPD qualifications in the Gulf with specific  responsibility for the design, development and delivery of all level 4, 6 and 7 qualifications offered by the CIM. He  championed the launch of the level 7 qualifications for the first time in the UAE and was passionately involved in the development of the CIM brand name in the UAE.

Failan is also a hybrid professional having worked as the General Manager for a large Telco and Director/General Manager for Samsung mobile . Concurrently prior to moving to UAE he was the founder of “The Knowledge Factory” a market leader for CIM education in Sri Lanka for 10 years. Failan has also worked as a Brand Manager and Sales Manager for Smith Kline Beecham Glaxo and as a  Professional representative for Pfizer.

Failan also served as a panel member for the ICTA/world bank grant projects, member of boutique hotels and villas evaluation committee for the Tourism Development Authority and the IIFA film awards Think Tank.