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PwC's Academy Entrepreneur’s Weekend

University students battle it out at PwC’s Academy’s Entrepreneur Weekend!

PwC’s Academy hosted its first inter-university competition, the Entrepreneur’s weekend on 3rd and 4th February 2018. Starting off with a business quiz, students were tested on their general awareness of the business world. The eight teams participating were locked in an intense battle and the five surviving teams continued on to the next phase: the Employability board game.

The teams came up with some interesting workplace solutions to the problems presented and really showed some great employability skills like communication, problem-solving and time management. The final phase was a business plan submission and the team from Middlesex clearly took home the top prize.

“The event was a fun learning experience; drafting a feasible business plan in three hours was a first for me. It’s not often in university that you get direct exposure to the corporate climate and get critiqued on it,” said Moses Thomas, one of the participants from UOWD.

-- Vedasamhita Manikonda, YES student at PwC's Academy.


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