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PwC's Academy ACCA December 2017 results

We take this opportunity to congratulate our ten affiliates who completed their ACCA journey in December 2017. Their testimonials are a source of joy to trainers, operations team members, programme advisors and the students as we all share in their success. While we are heartened by their wonderful comments about the Academy, we would like to celebrate them for the time and effort it has taken to complete their ACCA exams.  

Most of our affiliates started out fairly young and they have exhibited the ability to manage their emotions and self-motivate constantly. I’m sure they will use these skills wisely as some of them enter the workforce for the first time while others grow in their careers.

When delving deeper into their experience, some affiliates did mention their struggles, some tears and some difficult times when they perhaps had to repeat a paper or two. However, once they reminded themselves of the value of this qualification, they managed to overcome several obstacles to make it to the very end. 

These affiliates will soon become members and wherever they go, they will carry the experiences they had at the Academy. 

Good luck to all affiliates and do remember us at the Academy as you set out to make a difference!

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Amanda Abraham

In addition to accounting and reporting, Amanda also delivers training on ethics, corporate governance and corporate law at PwC’s Academy. Amanda has co-facilitated numerous exam support courses including exam techniques, memory techniques, content generation and exam confidence. She is a registered mentor for Oxford Brooke’s University and is an NLP Coach and Practitioner.