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"Prioritise your studies - Remember this is for your future.”

Maryam Al Hareb is an ACCA regional prize winner and senior associate at PwC Middle East. She pursued her bachelor’s degree in Accounting and joined PwC in 2018 as part of the Watani Program. Soon after Maryam began her ACCA upskilling journey with PwC’s Academy. 


How would you describe the Work/Study experience?   

Juggling work and study is definitely a challenge. Our classes were usually held after the workday ended - this was quite exhausting. Weekends were spent on self study and catching up on any classes I missed during the week due to work commitments. Fortunately, the Academy has recorded lectures for this, so I never missed anything.  

It is vital to find a work and study balance that best fits your schedule. You need to be organised and prioritise. It is challenging but knowing the impact this would have on my career and my ability to deliver exceptional client service motivated me.

How do you think the ACCA qualification equipped you with the right skills for future changes ahead? 

I believe that the ACCA qualification empowered my accounting and financial knowledge - it supports the training needed to operate in the fast-developing business world, enabling us to meet challenges head on, and build the foundations for a successful career. The certification also covers other areas such as business and ethical professional behaviour which further helped me develop my leadership skills. Additionally, through the continuing education requirements I can ensure that I will be up to date with relevant financial knowledge and skills needed to meet client needs. 

What would be your top three recommendations for aspiring ACCA students? 

  1. Prioritise your studies. Remember this is for your future. Social events, relaxation, it may all need to take a backseat temporarily. 

  2. Attend classes regularly and follow the instructors directions. They are knowledgeable, approachable and share great advice. 

  3. Leverage your support network. Take advice from your managers and seniors. Ensure your workplace is informed and aware of your study commitments. Take guidance from ACCA alumni, and discuss your challenges with peers who are going through the same process.