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Pursuing a Master’s degree can be a very daunting task, especially if you are a working professional who has various commitments to consider. In addition, long-distance learning sometimes runs the risk of feeling lengthy and isolated due to the amount of learning that takes place through a virtual learning platform.

What makes the MSc in Professional Accountancy, from the University of London, worth the effort?

Prestige from all sides

The University of London, in collaboration with the ACCA professional body, has created the MSc in Professional Accountancy Programme. The content of the programme has guidance from the University College London (UCL) School of Management. Furthermore, you would be joining a long list of notable alumni such as the Former president of South Africa: the late Nelson Mandela, the Creator of the Telephone: Alexander Bell and a Legendary American Actress: Carrie Fisher, to mention a few.

Standing out

With the long-distance factor, completion of this course would definitely be a commendable feat in the eyes of employers and colleagues. Not only would the course test your research skills and ability to communicate but also your ability to prioritise tasks and manage your time. These important skills are highly sought after in today’s corporate environment.

Additional Academic Security

Having a professional qualification like ACCA already provides a wealth of employment opportunities. You can further improve your career options by completing an exclusive Master’s programme that is open only to ACCA students, affiliates and members. The MSc in Professional Accountancy will confirm your Academic excellence to employers by testing your attention to detail and your core technical knowledge.

Showcasing a growth mindset

As a candidate applying for this programme, you are sure to be noted as a professional with a growth mindset. It shows that you are always looking to learn, whether it be academically or practically. This is a great sign of a promising leader within your profession. Through the course, there will be opportunities to learn more about strategic leadership skills.

Networking opportunities

You will interact with a large pool of talented individuals who bring their own work experience to the learning environment. Your professional connections with your classmates can help you to grow in your career.

The MSc in Professional Accountancy will help professionals like you to succeed in the dynamic accounting and finance environment. The MSc will help you to stay relevant by keeping up with change.

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