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Hear it from Sufyan Sohail, who recently completed the  ACCA qualification in 1.5 years!

Why did you choose ACCA?

I recognised my inclination towards accounting very early on in high school and attaining the ACCA certification seemed like the right decision. It turned out to be a perfect fit, not only has it complemented my stronger areas, but it also deepened my understanding of the field.

What is the most important exam tip you can give to students at the Academy? 

Practice, practice and practice. As cliche as it sounds, it is probably the most important part of any ACCA exam. No matter how confident you are with numbers, practice is the key to ACCA exam success and there is no getting around it. The lecture notes, kit questions particularly the MCQ’s, technical articles online, time management and exam tips given in between the classes made this possible for me and I would recommend the same for other students.

What was the biggest challenge you faced in your exam prep? 

Sometimes the practice exams seemed overwhelming and made it difficult to remain determined and focused. Practicing questions regularly, discussing my weaknesses and strengths with my tutor and getting continuous feedback to improve them helped me overcome this challenge and tackle my exams confidently.

How did the Academy help you throughout your ACCA journey?

There was great emphasis on practice questions and memory techniques combined with ongoing tutor support made sure that my mind was clear of any doubts and I entered the exam fully prepared.

Where to from here? 

The plan is to get some much needed practical experience, apply the concepts I have learned to the real world and maybe move on to another professional qualification down the line. 

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