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Meet Neel Kamal Puri, an ACCA student and F9 regional prizewinner at PwC’s Academy

Did you think that you would become a prize-winner for F9?

I was expecting a good result since the mocks I wrote seemed promising. I have tried to keep my focus on the subject rather than purely scoring marks. This helps me be confident of what I answer on the exam.

What was your key motivator when studying?

I enjoyed studying F9 since it is a new subject. My motivation to understand the concepts stems from my interest in finance. Besides this, the active engagement of our lecturer, Mr. Waleed Minhas, in supplementing classroom knowledge with real life examples and research projects made the learning enriching.

What was the biggest challenge you faced in your exam prep? 

Before the LMS was accessible, I had some difficulty practicing questions on a computer. With the introduction of the software, I found it easier to practice under exam conditions and structure my responses more succinctly. I’d recommend practicing questions using the spreadsheets and text documents available on the LMS.

What is the most important exam tip you can give to students at the Academy?

The approach I have used throughout my ACCA papers is to understand core concepts and then improve on their application. I practice a variety of exam questions for each section and understand how a concept is being applied. In addition, I aim to complete studying the course before revision starts and begin solving sample papers after revision.

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