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Meet Mili Raju, a student with  PwC’s Academy and an  ACCA Affliate!

1. Why did you pursue the ACCA qualification?

Among the many reasons I chose to pursue ACCA, one of the most important one was the great deal of flexibility it offers in terms of what pace you want to study at as compared to other qualifications. Not only is it recognised by employers worldwide, it also gives you the opportunity to choose an area to specialise in and showcase your expertise.

2. What was the biggest challenge you faced in your exam prep?

The biggest challenge for me was to remain self-motivated and consistent with my revision. As hard as ACCA is, putting in the time practicing questions, strategising my study time and consistently pushing through it all seems worth it when you think about the payoffs, and this is what kept me going.

3. What is the most important exam tip you can give to students at the Academy?   

Writing an exam can be quite unnerving for us all, and often when you first look at a question, you may feel blank and start to panic. In the exam, time management is very crucial, so it is important that you move on to the next question and answer those that you do know. Come back to the questions you were unsure about when you're calmer and try to work through them, keeping one eye on the clock. 

4. Where to from here? What’s next.

I think for me the focus right now will be completing my Practical Experience Requirement (PER) while at the same time exploring other learning opportunities. The goal is to never stop learning to and to never stop taking up challenges!

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