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Meet Anam Tamiour, who aced the CMA exam with 90% on both parts!

Why did you decide to pursue the CMA qualification from IMA?

After being in my current position for a couple of years, I was ready for a challenge. I already had MSc in Business Analytics and Consulting from Warwick Business School, so I decided it was time to look into getting a professional qualification. As my work-role very much pertains to budgeting, forecasting and financial decision making, I started researching related qualifications and found CMA from IMA to be a perfect fit. Upon investigating further I discovered that the pass rate was only about 30-35%. This made me conscious of the challenge should I decide to pursue. I attended a seminar hosted by PwC's Academy. They shared a comprehensive plan to cover the course and gave me just the confidence I needed for the push to enroll.

What was the biggest challenge you faced in your exam prep?

My biggest challenge while preparing for CMA exam was organising myself and making time for revision. There was enough material available, and being as competitive as I am, I wanted to take advantage of all the available resources. My instructor said its imperative to revise your coursework within 72 hours of attending the class, otherwise you will have to multiply the effort required for the revision. That was bit of a challenge after a full day at work and two children under four years of age. The children expected me to play with them in the evenings. And by the time it was their bed-time, I was too exhausted to focus. Nonetheless, with much support from my husband, I was able to manage my time.

How did the Academy help you in your CMA journey?

I had a fantastic experience preparing for my CMA exams at PwC's Academy. I did Part II with Arun Babbar and Part I with Huzefa Hydrie and both the instructors were beyond exceptional. The vigour and passion that they had for the subject and for seeing their students succeed is applaudable. They were always available to answer any questions and encouraged students to clarify any confusion. The courses were taught at the perfect pace, there was no rushing through the topics and they were happy to add additional classes as required to cover the course material. The revision sessions were also very well prepared and conducted with utmost professionalism. I can’t be more thankful to them for helping me score 450 on both the parts. I would highly recommend PwC Academy as well as Huzefa and Arun to anyone looking to take CMA exam.

How did you endure… to finally succeed?

As the course matter was very much relevant to my job, I tried to practice what I learned at work. It benefited my organisation as my reports were better articulated, detailed and more analytical, and it also helped me relate to coursework and understand its depth and practical application. I was also very particular about revising the course material after each class and took the tests offered by PwC’s Academy and homework very sincerely. 


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